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Irish Dancing: Heart and Sole
Shout outs to my friends!!

Thanx SOOOOO much 4 being there 4 me!! Love ya Guyz!

 Jessie:  hey gurl!! cant wait to see you! so many mems!!! this winter's gonna b so much fun! Alwayz remember u R my sister!!! love ya!!
Natalie: hey!!!!! last year was so much fun! with BK n all! hope u can come see me soon! how bout christmas??? we can spend christmas in the sun!! lol if u cant come 4 christmas...(lets hope u do) go c the HP movie on new years eve (remember?)
Olga: Hey ur such a great friend!!! OMG! Olga Kline! that was soooo last year!! 
Kryz: Hey!!! thanx 4 being there and just being u, I appreciate it!
Mickey: Hiii! that movie was so much fun! ur always there holding me back from bitch slapping 'Barbie' thanx 4 that! glad u like the doll!
Manda: Hiii! i miss u SO much! i cant wait 2 c u! lol I hope u come 2 visit me soon!!!!
Adam: Hey! wassup? u've been a great friend and ur an AWESOME athlete!I hope you dont feel weird being on a page w/ ALL girls...:-D oh! and we're gonna call you "Chucky" like John Gruden...cuz you look like him m'kay? ok
Jen: Hey Babe!! wassup? we're partners in crime (well at least on the feild!) lol.

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